Cute two English Shepherd


Cute two English Shepherd

Country of Origin: The English Shepherd is believed to have been brought to the British Isles from Rome by Caesar himself when the Romans invaded in 55 BC. These excellent herding dogs were brought along to herd the livestock the army kept with them for food. Eventually, when the livestock was depleted and the dogs were no longer necessary, they were left behind. The English Shepherd was then acquired by natives of the area and bred with their existing dogs to create an enhanced dog with excellent abilities not only in herding, but in hunting and guarding as well. The English Shepherd then crossed the ocean with the first English settlers in America. They then followed the settlers in their colonization from the east to the west coast.

Size: The English Shepherd will typically reach an average height of 18-23 inches. The male English Shepherd will reach an average weight of 45-60 pounds while the female is slightly smaller with an average weight of 40-50 pounds.

Activity: The English Shepherd is a herding dog. It is bred to work and will be happiest with a job to do. If the English Shepherd does not have acreage to run, they will need daily long walks or jogs to get the necessary daily exercise.


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