5 of the best Dog breeds for Children and small kids


Do you have children and planning to adopt a dog? Are you wondering which dog breed will be the best for you and your children? The answer to these questions and other related questions are answered here. Below are the 5 of the best Dog Breeds for Children and small Kids.


Rough Collie:

5 of the best Dog breeds for Children and small kids

Due to the fact that Lessie was no other than a rough Collie, this breed is very famous in America and is known as a classic dog icon. Rough collies are very easy to train. They are obedient, loyal and reliable fellows with children and small kids.  Any list of best dog breeds wont be complete without Rough Collies.



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Julie Smith said...

I believe small dog breeds are truly charming and vivacious in general. Not only they take little space, they’re also economical in terms of food consumption. However, they are also prone to the fairly popular “big dog” personality that is why I really believe they should be properly socialized to both humans and other dogs and pets. I found a great article about the best small dog breeds that is worth checking if you’re considering to get one. Read more here: http://dogsaholic.com/breeds/info/best-small-dogs.html

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