Affenpinscher is German for Monkey Dog, and the Affenpinscher is every bit as active and playful as his name implies. These are peppy, plucky, busy, fun-loving, mischievous, and sometimes conniving dogs. The Affenpinscher is a small dog with a big attitude! Sometimes they are too intelligent for their own good. Obedience training can be tricky with this breed. The Affenpinscher is loyal, affectionate and devoted toward his master and friends. He is always ready to protect his owner, his home, and his family's possessions. They are very good watchdogs, reserved with strangers, and fearless toward any aggressor. This little dog thinks he is far larger than he is. An Affenpinscher parent will need to remain vigilant that his little guy does not pick a fight with a dog ten times his size! These hardy dogs are very active indoors. Most of their exercise needs can be met with indoor play, but they do enjoy daily outdoor walks. They are charming little comedians and will entertain you by throwing their toys up in the air and walking around on their hind legs, just for fun. They are generally quiet, but can have erratic, nervous reactions to stimuli that they find nerve-wracking: noise, people, animals, and especially children. It is very important to socialize this breed to help thwart this tendency to freak out. Affenpinschers do not particularly like kids, but pose no threat to them.

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