Australian Shepherd


Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd, lovingly called an "Aussie," is a highly intelligent, incredibly energetic, people-loving dog who needs to have a job to do. They need lots and lots of exercise and will fit in well with an active person or family. They are bred to herd, and might try to herd anything, including you, your children, your neighbor's child on a bicycle, innocent strangers jogging past your house, ducks, squirrels, cats, and cars. You will need a fence to keep them off the road. They also have strong guarding instincts, and want to be near their family at all times. Originally bred as all-purpose farm dogs, Aussies were left to supervise the children while the parents worked in the fields. They are good with children, except for the occasional nipping at their heels to herd them into position. They will follow you from room to room and supervise you in the bathroom. They are very affectionate and will want to lick your face. They are assertive by nature, highly territorial and can be pushy.

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