5 of the best Dog breeds for Children and small kids


Do you have children and planning to adopt a dog? Are you wondering which dog breed will be the best for you and your children? The answer to these questions and other related questions are answered here. Below are the 5 of the best Dog Breeds for Children and small Kids.



5 of the best Dog breeds for Children and small kids

One of the most tolerant dog breeds is Beagle. The tolerance level of these Breeds is highest among other dog breeds. They can tolerate even the most energetic kids. These are the most easy going dog breeds. They are definitely not a breed for those looking for the perfectly obedient dog. Beagles may be intelligent but they do however tend to display stubborn and independent personalities.



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Unknown said...

I pet many Pomeranian dogs. I'm very much acquainted with their nature and temperament. But when it comes to Beagles, I'm not sure whether to pet them or not. Thank you for sharing the information about Beagle. I will dig more information about them.

Best Regards,
Perrie Jinnie
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