Top 5 Most Beautiful Dog Breeds


Dogs are man’s best friend. There are a variety of different breeds and each breed has its own unique characteristics. When trying to decide which one is more beautiful you must consider not only its appearance but its temperament, which can also vary greatly. The good news is, there is a way to make the thought process a little easier considering how many unique breeds there are. The top ten most beautiful dog breeds in both looks and temperament can point you in the right direction on choosing a dog to make a part of your family.Dogs are man’s best friend.

Top 5 Most Beautiful Dog Breeds



Top 5 Most Beautiful Dog Breeds

The Kuvasz breed of dog is one that is not often heard of. He will shed all over the place throughout the year. As an adult dog, he may not be great around kids, unless he was raised with them. However, he may also be overprotective of his kids if he is raised with them from an early age.



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