5 Most affectionate dog breeds


Most of the dog breeds are affectionate. The List is compromised of the 5 top breeds which have been found to be more affectionate than the other dog breeds.

1.Labrador Retriever:

5 Most affectionate dog breeds

Labrador retriever is one of the most famous dog breeds. They are intelligent, good tempered, gentle, agile, kind and most affectionate dog breeds.


5 Most affectionate dog breeds

Beagles are great dog breeds. They are intelligent, gentle, loyal, good tempered and determined dog breeds.


5 Most affectionate dog breeds

Dachshunds are amazing dog breeds. They are intelligent, playful, intelligent, devoted, lively and brave.

4.Miniature Schnauzer:

5 Most affectionate dog breeds

This breed of small dogs is intelligent, affectionate, alert, spirited, friendly, obedient and loyal.

5.American Eskimo Dog Breed:

5 Most affectionate dog breeds

The American Eskimo Dog breed is affectionate, loyal, protective, friendly and intelligent dog breed.


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Unknown said...

That's a Samoeyed not an American Eskimo

NicoSquico said...

That is not a pic of an American Eskimo. That's a Samoyed.

Unknown said...

Oh man, Labs have always been my favorite. I'm not even surprised they are at the top of the list!

Willis said...

Thank you for this post. Many people get confused between small, toy and miniature dogs and this is not surprising in the least. Surely miniature dog breeds should be smaller than a small dog and toy dogs even smaller than that! See more http://dogsaholic.com/breeds/info/miniature-dog-breeds.html

Unknown said...

Aww... what a cute dogs they are! I wish I could adopt all of them. There is nobody else in the world who is as loyal as a dog. Thank you for sharing the information.

Best Regards,
Perrie Jinnie
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