Top 5 Dog breeds that don't Shed


If you are a hypersensitive to allergens from dogs but still want to own a dog then you should select any of these 5 breeds. These breeds have got the lowest ratio of shedding.



Top 5 Dog breeds that don't Shed

Poodle are one the only breeds which hardly ever shed. They can be a perfect choice for you if you are suffering from allergy.



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garthgirl said...

This is NOT a purebred poodle It is a mix, possibly poodle/bichon

starTexas said...

Precious, how do I keep it from barking

Unknown said...

This little puppy is so cute!! It is really nice to know that they don't shed very much. That is especially helpful for people with allergies.

Unknown said...

where can i find this dog, i only want a female

Unknown said...

I would like to purchase a puppy a boy that does not shed how can I do that?

kathleen dietz said...

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kathleen dietz said...

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